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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Finding Aboriginal employees

Employing Aboriginal people makes good business sense.

Aboriginal employees add value to the diversity of your company by bringing fresh insights and new ideas that will help your business grow.

Traditionally, employees were found by placing an advertisement in a newspaper and hoping it came to the attention of the right people. Now there are many more ways to focus your search and find exactly who you are looking for. You can find excellent Aboriginal employees by:

  • getting in touch with recruitment agencies and other organisations that specialise in Aboriginal employment – like your local Jobs and Skills Centre;
  • developing relationships with your local Aboriginal community;
  • encouraging your current employees to engage their personal and professional networks;
  • getting involved in community activities;
  • advertising through Aboriginal media;
  • using social media like Facebook and LinkedIn; and
  • ​contacting local training organisations and service providers.

The Aboriginal Services jobs board

The Aboriginal Services jobs board has been created specifically to connect employers with Aboriginal jobseekers. When you register as an employer with our jobs board, you can create and list job advertisements for vacancies, promoting your business and its employment opportunities to Aboriginal jobseekers all across Western Australia who use the Aboriginal Services jobs board.

We also offer an online application process that enables you to collect and track applications and manage the entire process of recruitment within a single, easy-to-use online interface. For more information about the jobs board, please visit the Jobs board section of the website.

The jobs board is a service provided free of charge to employers and jobseekers. ​

How we can help

We have strong networks across all industry areas and business communities across Western Australia. We can promote employment opportunities directly to Aboriginal jobseekers and provide resources and advice to employers on recruitment strategies. We can also help you to create and list your job advertisements and set up access to our recruitment advertising management system through the Aboriginal Services jobs board.These services are all provided at no cost to you or your business.

Contact us today to discuss your company’s needs.

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