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​Support resources

There are many resources out there to support jobseekers in a range of ways. You might need study or training support, workplace support, financial support or healthcare support.

The government departments most involved in supporting jobseekers are the Department of Employment, the Department of Training and Workforce Development and the Department of Human Services. Their websites and offices are good general sources of information and assistance. You may find organisations and programs in your local area that are able to help with more targeted assistance.

How we can help

We keep in touch with all the latest updates to support services and programs available to Aboriginal jobseekers in WA and can provide you with advice and guidance.

We can help you find information and resources, and put you in touch with a range of support resources targeted to your needs.


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Study and training support

Study and training support is available to help you further your knowledge and skills, and/or get qualifications. Your circumstances will determine which support is best suited to you and what you’re eligible for, but here's some places you could start checking out to get some more information.


Workplace support

Once you land a job, there are mentoring programs you can access if you need support in the workplace. A mentor is someone who has the skills and knowledge to offer you guidance to help you succeed in a role. Many organisations have their own internal mentoring programs.


Financial support

If you need financial support while you’re job hunting, studying or staying in work, there are various organisations and initiatives that can help you. It’s best to seek financial advice before you get into any difficulties.


Health care​

It’s essential that you take care of yourself, because it’s hard to stay in work or study if your health isn’t good.  There are services that can help you with mental and physical health.


Many organisations have their own internal health or wellness programs available to all employees and their families. Training organisations and colleges often have free counselling and support services.