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Career planning

Finding out

​​Explore the occupations and learning opportunities on offer and find out about the occupations that interest you.

If you haven’t already check out Knowing yourself to review and clarify your work/learning goals and get to know your skills, interests and values.

For each occupation you explore ask yourself: 

  • What are the daily tasks and duties?
  • What are the working conditions?
  • What are the personal requirements? 
  • What skills and training do I need?
  • What career paths are available?
  • Where is the work?
  • How do I find out more about my preferred occupations?

It is important that you try not to make any decisions at this point and keep an open mind. Use the tools below to help you. 

Once you have a selection of occupations that interest you, start researching specific occupations. You can then move onto narrowing down your options at Step 3 — Making decisions.

Try these suggested activities:

  • Put time aside to explore and research.
  • Explore the occupation profiles in Occupations A—Z and Occupation videos.
  • Note the occupations that appeal to you the most. Check out which of the personal requirements match your skills, interests and values.
  • Use the Choices and Hands On tools to get you started researching specific occupations.
  • Use Researching occupations to research specific details about the occupations that appeal to you most. 
  • Talk to a range of people working in the occupations that interest you.   
  • Keep all of your information in one place and save your results to My Career ideas
  • These are just some of the tools you can use to explore your work and learning options.

For more check out Occupational tools and resources.

Career planning help 

For assistance with exploring occupations and learning options, contact one of our career services to speak with a qualified career practitioner.

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