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You will get the most out of the tools and resources on this site if you use them in conjunction with the 4 step career planning process. You can use this process whether you have just left school or you are an adult adding skills or wanting to change your career.

Go to Career planning 4 step process to find out more about the career planning process.

Where do I start?

Where you begin in the 4 step process depends on your goals, your career and life stage and your degree of self-knowledge. The foundation of making positive work and learning decisions is knowing yourself, including knowing your skills, interests and values.

This is vital whether you are already working, have been working for some time or you are just beginning your work and study life. 

Start with step 1 in the career planning process – knowing yourself if you are: 

  • still studying or have just left school, it is a good idea to move through the process in sequence from step 1—4. 
  • changing career or adding skills, it is a good idea to review your interests, skills, values and occupational knowledge. This will give you a clear picture of where you are now and provide a solid platform for your decision making.      

Whichever order you use the tools on the site you will be able to build your individual career profile by using the results from each tool and then saving the results in your My Career ideas.

What do I do next?

  1. Log in and create a profile so that you can save your results of the career planning process to your career portal account. 
  2. Go to the first step in the process that is most relevant for you now and work your way through the tools to the final 'Taking action' step.
  • Knowing yourself - go to step 1 in the career planning process to assess where you are currently at with your skills, interests and values and clarify what you want to achieve. 
  • Finding out - go to About Choices and Hands on which will help you get started exploring your occupational preferences.
  • Making decisions - use the options grid to narrow down your choices.  
  • Taking action - use the action plan to clarify your goals and plan the steps to help you achieve your work and learning objectives. 

Career planning help

For help using the tools or with your career planning, contact one of our career services to speak with a qualified career practitioner. 

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