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Career planning

Taking action

In this section, you can use an action plan to identify the steps and tasks involved in pursuing your occupational/learning option.

This is an exciting time! You have so much to look forward to!

Planning to act

Whether you have just left school, finished study or you are changing career you can use your action plan to map out your step-by-step approach to achieving your work or learning goal. 

You can plan:  

  • for a specific occupation;
  • your general career direction;
  • to achieve a specific qualification;
  • to do more research; and
  • to explore a range of career and study options.

Some points about action planning

The most effective action plans are:

  • based on up-to-date information;
  • specific and detailed;
  • tied to timelines with specific completion dates;
  • challenging but achievable; and
  • aligned with your goals and values. 

Try these suggestions:

Try basing your plan on a specific occupation. If you are not ready to commit then use the experience to help you learn more about the planning process and about the occupation. Sometimes just trying out the process of planning can help you to clarify your options. 

You could make a plan that included steps, which helped you to:

  • research the occupation in detail;
  • identify a key occupation;
  • set yourself a key task like arranging work experience or speaking to someone that works in the field; and
  • find out about study or training pathways that would help you to achieve a specific qualification for a preferred occupation.

Your plan could include a combination of these steps set to a specific timeline. 

Use these tools to help you take action.  Save your results to My career ideas

Taking action tools

Mini action plan allows you to take one small step towards your goal.

  • Action plan - plans the steps you need to take to reach your learning and work goals.

                                                                                                          Career planning help
For help choosing work and learning options, contact one of our career services to speak with a qualified career practitioner.

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