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Career planning

Tools and resources to help you plan your career

Use the tools and resources at each stage of the 4 step career planning process to help you choose your best work and learning option for you now.

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Knowing yourself tools

Assess your current situation. Get to know your interests, skills and values and think about both the personal and the broader economic factors that could influence your work and learning choices.

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Finding out tools and resources

Explore occupations, education and training options using career tools, education and training databases, and Western Australian specific resources such as the State Priority Occupations List (SPOL).

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Making decisions tools

Compare your options – narrow down your choices and choose the best option for you now. Use your results to research and compare all of the occupations or learning options that interest you with your individual preferences and other important environmental factors.

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Taking action tools

Work out the steps that will help you achieve your work and learning goals.

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Finding work tools and resources

Use the tips, hints, examples, ideas and resources in the Job Search Guide to help you apply for jobs. Build a range of resumes, custom designed to each job application.

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Help with career tools

For help using any of these career planning tools contact the Career Centre.

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