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Education and training

Where to after study or training?

Congratulations! Completing a qualification, whether through a TAFE College, university, apprenticeship, traineeship or a private training provider is no easy feat.

As you near the end of your course, you need to focus on where you see yourself once you have your qualification. What type of jobs will you be applying for? What type of organisation would you like to work for?

The following suggestions may also provide opportunities.

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Often, the best opportunities come through the people we know. Make a list of the people who can help you at this stage of your career planning.  You may have already spoken to some of them previously when you were deciding what you wanted to do.

Think about the extra people you can add to your list now you have studied in your new field. Lecturers, tutors and other students can all be great sources of industry information.

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Work experience

Talking to employers about work experience opportunities can be a great pathway into paid employment. Work experience provides you with the opportunity to gain some practical skills to add to your qualifications. Once you have successfully completed a placement you can add this information to your resume.

Completing work experience introduces you and your skills to an organisation. Because you are then known to them, it is possible you will be one of the first people on the list of potential employees if a paid position becomes available within that organisation

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Current employer

If you were working while you were studying, there may be employment opportunities within the same organisation. For example, while you were studying you may have worked part time in retail, perhaps with your newly acquired qualification there may be work available in the same company in their business management division.

Be sure to let your employer know about your career plans by talking with the recruitment staff and by applying for positions which match your new qualification.

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Completing an apprenticeship or traineeship

If you are nearing completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship, this is the time to meet and discuss your options going forward with your current employer. The company may have vacancies for qualified persons.

Alternatively, they may also know of vacancies in other companies within the industry.

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Graduate programs

These programs are mainly reserved for university graduates. Many government departments and companies across a wide variety of industries offer specific programs for university graduates.

In these one or two year programs graduates gain practical on-the-job experience while learning about the organisation’s core business. They can be a great way to launch your career. As a university student, you often have to apply for graduate programs early in your final year so, to keep all your options open, be mindful of opening and closing dates. Your university career centre will have heaps of information on graduate programs. You might also want to check out the following websites.

Graduate opportunities
Graduate jobs
Grad Australia

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Professional registration

Do you need to register with any professional associations in order to work in your chosen career? Even if it is not necessarily a requirement, it may be useful to join them for possible networking and further training opportunities.

You can find out about such organisations through your training institution and also by locating your relevant industry training council.

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Perhaps you have considered starting up your own business. As with most things, research and preparation are the keys when it comes to self-employment. It is highly recommended you write a detailed business plan before starting on any venture.

For practical guidance on starting a business, consider speaking to the Small Business Development Corporation.

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Looking for work

The Job Search Guide contains lots of useful tips, examples, ideas and things to consider when you are applying for jobs. It explains practical ways to be prepared and resourceful in your hunt for work.

It is recommended you register for work with Centrelink and Job Services Australia. There are also many other government funded and private recruitment agencies who offer assistance with your job search.

Use the Yellow Pages to find recruitment agencies in your local area or agencies that specialise in your area of interest.

Register with your local Career Centre to use the support and assistance they can offer.

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