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Applying for work

Using the telephone and planning your calls

When using the telephone, what you say and how you communicate will be extremely important as it is sometimes the first contact an employer will have with you. Stay calm and confident in the way you talk.

The more organised and prepared you are before you make your call, the more confident you will be in the conversation you have. This will also improve your chances of getting an interview.

If you are calling regarding work opportunities that haven't been advertised, your telephone manner should also be professional, confident and sound like you have prepared for the conversation.

Many people feel nervous about contacting employers via phone and have general anxieties about not being able to 'think on the spot' , what will they ask? or how they might respond to difficult, unexpected questions. Stay calm, listen carefully to what the person is talking about and reply in a relaxed manner. Wherever possible have your resume handy to refer to.

Remember: A phone call to an employer can, in some instances, be regarded as an interview.

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