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Be prepared and get organised

Be prepared and get organised

When searching for your new career or occupation you are more likely to be successful if you plan and are well organised. You need to know what you are looking for, where to look for it and how to find it.

It might be better to start looking at alternative careers and occupations when you have a job as you will make better decisions and have better judgement than if you are making a choice about a job out of sheer desperation. Find what you are looking for with firm decisions rather than anxious choices.

Start looking early to enable you to gain enough research into the industry type, the organisations that offer roles and any positions currently vacant.

As a student, you do not have to wait until you leave school. If you are already in work, you can be searching while you maintain your present employment. If you are unemployed or have been retrenched, you will need to start your searching straight away. If you are feeling stressed or down about being out of work, it is even more important that you take the time to clearly work out your job search and utilise all the resources available to you.

Knowing what you want

Indoors or outdoors? 

Interstate or local? 

In a team or autonomous? 

Managing or supervising? 

Own business or employee? 

Large or small company?   

Close to home or public transport? 

Skilled or unskilled? 

Career opportunities? 

Weekend work or 9-5 Mon-Fri? 

Long term or short contract? 

Full time or part time? 

Pay range?

Training provided? 

Cleaning or Sales? 

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What kind of work are you looking for?

  • Brainstorm ALL the things you would like from your job. Use the above table to help you to be specific. This is an ideal starting point and from here you can compromise.

  • Given the changes taking place in the world of work, you may find it helpful to think outside of the kind of work you have done previously and challenge yourself.

  • Think also about what kind of work pattern would best suit your personality and lifestyle.
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Where do you look to find the work that suits you?

  • Register for online job boards such as, and as they can automatically email you jobs once you set up your profile.
  • Think of all the different ways of accessing information about work opportunities: newspapers, recruitment agencies, direct marketing to companies, government employment websites, notice boards and community papers.
  • Narrowing the search area is helpful. Think in terms of geographical areas, transport and locations.
  • Remember to use your network of contacts, family friends and people who already work in the industry that you may know.
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How are you going to undertake your search?

  • Plan and get your paperwork organised and up to date including resume, certificates, referees and letters.
  • Identify the employers and areas you want to search.
  • Record all important information, so you can remember names and contact details of people you have spoken to and information people have given you.
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