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Staying positive

Coping with knock backs and rejection

"We'll call you if you are successful." "You don't have enough experience." "Sorry, we have too many staff as it is." So how do you cope when you get one knock back after another?

The job market is highly competitive. There will always be people missing out when someone else is successful, but after you've been turned down a few times, it's easy to lose hope and to start to believe you don't have the right qualities. It's easy to be negative, but this will only drag you down more. It's important to stay positive in order to carry on through your job search process and some of the ways to do this are outlined below.

Use your networks. Contact us at Career Centre in the city or your local Career Centre or one of the many employment service agencies who are there to help you.

Keep your self-talk positive. If you keep thinking that you are useless then you will eventually believe it when it's just not true. You will need to make sure that you are positive despite the negative experiences.

Learn from your mistakes. Develop your job search skills, and set yourself realistic short term objectives and longer term goals.

Keep a positive lifestyle. If you are feeling healthy and alive, you will appear more positive to other people and you will be more positive about yourself.

Maintain a balanced lifestyle. Give yourself time to relax and engage positively with other people. Know what helps you to "unwind" and ensure you do just that every now and then.

Sometimes you miss out on a job simply because an employer hasn't been given enough information (or the right impression) to recognise your full potential. So look at what you can do to ensure the next employer doesn't make the same mistake.

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