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Surviving the job interview

At the interview

The interview process can be very daunting. Depending on the position, it can vary from one to six people on a panel that will interview you, but more often than not it is just the one person. In some cases, you may be given time to read through questions prior to facing the panel. Other interviews may involve psychometric testing. You may have also experienced phone interviews and/or group interviews. All are designed for two things: the employer deciding whether they wish to hire you, and you also deciding whether you really want the job.

In every scenario, preparation is the key to your success. Remember, the employer will be deciding on 3 main things:

Can you do the job? (this is your technical skills, transferable skills and experience)

Do you want the job? (your motives for applying, your enthusiasm and career goals)

Will you fit into their team? (your personal skills, values and attitudes).

Check out quick tips on interviews and example interview questions for more help on how to prepare and feel confident about your interview.

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