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Service principles

Core purpose

Building the Western Australian workforce by increasing participation.

We aim to

assist West Australian residents to make informed choices and decisions that will support positive career, education and training outcomes.

and are committed to

  • treating users of the Centre and each other with courtesy, fairness, respect and consideration; 
  • providing a flexible customer-focused service that is impartial, objective, transparent and accessible; and
  • fostering flexibility, innovation and continuous improvement in the range and quality of the services we provide.

Our customers can expect that

  • service is delivered on-time, within established time frames for each service;
  • service is delivered in-time as requested by the customer, within reasonable limits; and
  • their needs are met first-time, either partially or fully, depending on the nature of those needs

Staff are expected to

  • use screening techniques to accurately determine customers’ needs;
  • utilise and refer customers to all service channels that will meet their needs;
  • attend to customers within prescribed time frames;
  • accurately and comprehensively document all services delivered to customers; and
  • deliver innovation online and electronically​
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