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​​Find out more about the occupations you might like with this occupation slider tool. This tool allows you to choose an industry, an interest category that best fits you, and then offers you a range of jobs that fit those areas.

If you are already in work, or looking at further training, this tool allows you to look at other occupations in your industry, or similar work in different industries.

How do you use this tool?

You can change your viewing by clicking up or down on the slider arrow, then when you see an occupation you wish to explore, choose the ‘more information’ button. This will take you into the Occupations section of this site, and tell you much more about the job, including the training requirements.


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Accommodation and Food Services

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Arts and Recreation Services


Education and Training

Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services

Financial and Insurance Services

Health Care and Social Assistance

Information Media and Telecomm's

Management, Administrative and Support Services



Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Public Administration and Safety

Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services

Retail Trade

Transport, Postal and Warehousing

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To view information about the occupations available in the industry specified at the left please go to: Key industry information

To explore your occupational interests further use the following tool:Interests