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Use the career tools and resources within the site along with the 4 step career planning process to guide you to your next work or learning decision.

Tools and resources available to help you plan your career are:

  • Knowing yourself tools – These tools will help identify your interests, skills and values. With the results you can start to map out areas of interest for career planning.
  • Finding out tools and resources – Explore the occupations, training and education options available by using the find out tools, view occupational videos and check out the State Priority Occupation list to find our most needed occupations.
  • Making decisions tools - Get some help with narrowing down your choices and making decisions with comparing all your options.
  • Taking action tools - Make a plan and put it in place with the help of these taking action tools.
  • Finding work tools and resources - Ready to start your career in the world of work? Here you have ways to help you find work in your chosen occupation, from how to find positions vacant, a resume builder which takes you through building your actual resume up in steps, applying for the position and help with interview techniques.

Within the tools and resources available there is a facility to set up an account to create a folder within our web portal to allow you to save your resume or results from tools that you have accessed and may want to come back to later. You can set up your account for My career ideas here.

Our professional and friendly career practitioners work with you on an individual basis to help you:

  • Find relevant training and education information;
  • Explore occupational, industry and labour market information;
  • Discover your career interests;
  • Clarify your skills and values;
  • Look at your options and help you to make good choices; and
  • Create a plan for action.

Want to speak to a career practitioner? Get in touch by visiting one of our career services.

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