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Activities and resources

These activities and resources may be useful for planning and delivering career development and when working with students and clients.

  • Blueprint Special Purpose Tools provides a range of career development programs, presentations and tools developed by ABCD users. Tools include career development plans, mapping tools used to identify areas of strength and weakness in pre-existing programs, needs assessment tools, a performance review template and product coding tools.
  • Blueprint Worksheets and Activities is a series of worksheets and activities designed to develop the career management competencies of learners gathered from people working in a variety of settings. They may be used as is or may be adapted to meet the needs of your particular learners. Worksheets and activities have been categorised under each of the three learning areas of the Blueprint framework.
  • Create a workplace poster enables students to use their own photos to create personalised WorkSafe posters or wallpapers to remind them of why a safe workplace is so important. This is a WorkSafe Victoria site.​
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