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The following information is useful when talking with students and parents, and researching options.

  • Fair Work Commission is the national workplace relations tribunal and contains information about a range of workplace matters.
  • Getting students to work safely contains guiding principles for health and safety education for students in their transition from school to work. The document can be found in the Training, skills and licensing section of this site.
  • GoVolunteer provides information to find out about volunteering and volunteer opportunities.
  • MoneySmart is an Australian Government site that provides money guidance information, including a specific section for those under 25.
  • SkillsOne has hundreds of videos about getting a trade or skill.
  • Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP) provides up to date labour market information to help you better understand your local area.
  • The Student Work Placement Guide provides an overview of workplace health and safety advice to educators and employers so that they can prepare for work experience students. The guide also provides a brief introduction to student work placement and offers avenues for further investigation.
  • WorkSafe Smart Move is a safety and health resource for years 10, 11 and 12 students planning on undertaking work experience and/or work placements. It provides information and an online test for one general and 10 industry specific modules. There are also activities teachers can use in the classroom to enhance student learning.
  • ACTU Worksite provides information about rights at work for students, including work experience and assignment help.
  • This Worksafe FAQ provides information for young workers to address common issues raised by young workers.
  • Tips for young workers is an online resource to help young people understand their rights and obligations when starting work.

These sites provide information about specific training options, with many specifically aimed at school students.

  • The Australian Apprenticeships site tells you everything you need to know about apprenticeships and the benefits of combining work and training.
  • The Pre-apprenticeships in schools program (formerly the School Apprenticeship Link program) enables students to attend school, achieve a Certificate II with a registered training provider and complete work placements.  
  • School based apprenticeships/traineeships allow students in years 11 and 12 to start an apprenticeship/traineeship while still working towards secondary graduation.
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