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Career changes for mature workers

If you want to change work in mid-career your options are improved if you have planned ahead for work that you want. Planning a strategic transition to a new role is a great career skill, and ensures you are getting the work future you want.

  • Research career information –use this site to explore possibilities and  prospects
  • Research YOU –get your ideas about yourself up to date. Don’t forget to do the SkillsQuiz, because many people underestimate the range of skills they have developed over their working life. When you develop a resume with a fresh understanding of your skills, and you are clear about what you have to offer. This knowledge helps you write a better resume.  Use your knowledge to develop a Personal Brand, a reputation you can live up to.
  • Assess your technology skills.  Your willingness to upskill in this area will determine your future prospects. Go to Upskill - develop your technology skills for career progress for more information.
  • Investigate gaining a new credential built on your skills and experience through part time or online study or RPL
  • Gaining an area of expertise? Investigate the wide range of Graduate Certificates, Diplomas and Postgraduate qualifications that will make provide the basis for new work in this area.

While Graduate Certificates are usually built on the previous expertise of a degree, most courses accept strong professional or work experience as eligibility. A Graduate Certificate or Diploma is designed for specific career purposes – you can use these to change direction, upskill or specialise.

After 20 years on hospitality and cellar door management, and no credentials, Ben wanted to undertake more senior marketing roles in the wine industry. His experience was enough to gain entry into a Graduate Certificate in Marketing, and make a move towards a Marketing Manager‘s role in the future.

Paul  had an 15 years of experience in civil engineering, but no degree;  however his professional experience was sufficient to gain entry into a Graduate Certificate in Engineering (Civil) to advance and formalise his knowledge. Other options available included Environmental and Mining Engineering.

After 10 years in Social Work, Beth had developed strong interest and experience in the field of Child Protection. She decided to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Child Protection Practice to become a specialist in this area of practice.

  • Some workers change roles because their circumstances change. For those in heavy work sometimes it is injury that forces a change to work that is less physical, but still uses their knowledge and skills. Look at examples of change for your ideas:


Draftsperson (Ambassador Video)

“The training component is the platform for me to improve my professional development”

‘Injury forced Simon out of his trade as a fitter and machinist; he took advantage of his previous skills and engineering background to do a traineeship in drafting and design. Simon values his traineeship as a challenging and worthwhile experience and hopes to encourage other mature aged trainees into the industry.’


Many mature workers are out of date with the learning opportunities that are now available and designed specifically for them. Choose local providers and look through their website pages of Graduate Certificates and Diplomas on offer in your location. You may be surprised at the possibilities available to take your career in the direction you want.

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