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Develop your career and employability

Are you in a growth industry? Is this where you would like to develop your career?

Several groups of trade and technicians occupations will see large growth – construction trades workers, automotive and engineering trades’ workers, electro technology (electricians) and telecommunications trades workers, engineering, ICT and science technicians. Construction and mining labourers are still in demand.


Look on YouTube for video clips of work as an automotive mechanic, stainless steel fabricator, civil engineer, and many others to find what these workers do, their work days and environments.

Want to stay employable, become more valuable, or plan for better prospects?

Keeping up, or even ahead of the skill sets required by the job you are in is the best way to stay valuable to the firm and the workforce you are in. The acquisition of new skills has assumed critical importance-more and more jobs require multi skilling and a broader range of skills. 

All industries require their workers to keep pace with 21st century skill demands and there are numerous programs, courses and learning opportunities available in WA.

There are multiple ways to upskill:

  • Upskill on the job

Traineeships for all ages and fields are available, eg: (Ambassador Videos)

Trainee Metallurgical Technician

“Before I was just doing the job, now (with the education) I understand all the physics behind it...Your qualifications make you more of an asset to the industry, so there’s an incentive for employers to pay you more and keep you around.”

Stephen had been working in the resource sector for over four years when the offer of a traineeship in metallurgy came up. The traineeship has allowed him to continue earning while learning the theory of metallurgy operations.

Process Plant Operator

“I liked the hands-on experience. I’ve completed my traineeship because I got in and got it done… Hopefully in a few years I’ll be in a supervisor role.”

Kevin took an interest in the operations of the oil and gas industry while working off shore as a scaffolder rigger. Soon after he decided to build on his skill set by completing a traineeship in process operations. Now he is looking to take his career to the next level by continuing his studies.

  • Upskill using online study or RPL for a higher credential

Jan became interested and involved in site safety while working in a manufacturing industry, and she is completing a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety online to gain a managerial role in this work.
Glenn and Jeremy are both experienced workers with supervisory and management responsibilities who want to obtain a formal credential, the Diploma in Management. Glenn, who has a strong history of management experience, and has undertaken a number of leadership short courses, chose to obtain the credential through RPL.

Jeremy, with less experience and training in management areas is working his way through the Diploma in Management through online study.

  • Upskill for career progress through short courses

Short courses are ideal for improving your chances of stepping into new roles or new areas of work.  Talk to the Career Centre online or by telephone for more help and information if you cannot find what you want.

Become an excellent office administrator with opportunities to expand into management or PA roles by investigating the online learning or short courses provided in your community.

Would you like to be a manager? Are you getting Project Management opportunities? Search the Tafe Course database for local short courses in Project Management skills, Leadership, Management Skills for new Supervisors, and Building Effective Teams. Courses in Operational Planning, Continuous Improvement, and Negotiation Skills will enhance the skills of existing managers. (Central Institute of Tech.)

Increase your computing skills by finding advanced short courses in Word, Excel, DataBase Administration, Desktop Publishing to add to your skill portfolio.

Improve your Small Business skills with MYOB for Small Business Management, and learn more about using Social Media for your Business. (Polytechnic West Data Base)

In the Creative and Digital Industries? Look for specialised courses including Adobe, InDesign, Sketchup, Solidworks, Inventor and 2D and 3D Animation at local providers.

Wanting to learn engineering drawing skills? Look for AutoCAD Intro and AutoCAD Cont for more advanced techniques in the use of CAD software. (Polytechnic West Data Base)


  • Spend some time looking through a  data base of short courses to get a picture of the wide range of courses available to you. 
  • Upskill on your job by using workplace learning opportunities

Most of our new learning takes place on the job. Go to Upskill on the job – how to find learning opportunities in your workplace for more information on how to become an everyday learner.

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