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Know your skills to grow your career

Your skills and strengths

Transferable skills are the skills that we can utilise across a wide range of areas. It helps to know what you have and what you can apply it to.

Some of the most important transferable skills are included in the Skills Quiz.

Assess yourself on the Skills Quiz to know your skills and strengths-your personal talent bank.    Don’t forget to save your Top Transferable skills in My Career ideas.

Your Personal Qualities

Knowing your best qualities encourages you to recognise your strengths and use them with confidence. They are also the qualities you will want to emphasise on your CV.

Choose from the lists below up to five qualities that best describe you, or how you would wish to be.

integrity              trustworthy            innovative  
reliable                smart           original
competent          creative           responsible
inspirational        focused           flexible
knowledgeable    organised              helpful
accurate             well-presented        efficient

(Leads to results)


example below

Inspirational   organised   competent   knowledgeable   innovative)

Save your top qualities in My Career ideas.

Your Personal Brand

How would you like to be known? Reputation is a key asset in work today, and your reputation is mix of your best skills and qualities. Your reputation is how people describe you to others, and what gets you the next job.

‘She’s a very competent person, really skilled in dealing with the most difficult clients’

‘ He is an expert in website design, and extremely reliable. He listens to what you want, and delivers on time.’

‘Very accurate, you never have to check his work.'

‘He’s very responsible with machinery, also a great problem solver who can fix anything.’

You can use what you have learned from your Top Transferable Skills and your Top Qualities results to develop a personal brand.  If you have also completed the Employability Skills and Attributes Card Sort, you will have a list of the skills you rate yourself as Very good at. Revisit your results in My Career Ideas.

You can use your brand to inspire you to keep improving key skills; and to maintain a high level of personal and professional behaviour. People remember you for these things!

Consider your top skills and your top qualities and choose eight that best describe how you would like to be known.

Enter your best eight skills and qualities below: 

Your Skill Statements –time to check your CV!

Use your Personal Brand Exercise and your key skills to assist you to write your CV more effectively. Make sure you are emphasising your best skills and describing them accurately.

If you are an experienced organisational worker, your skill statements might look like this:

  • Excellent communicator with skills in presentation, negotiation, and consultation
  • Able to collaborate effectively across teams to advance projects and complete these to deadlines
  • A positive team leader, able to facilitate consultative and efficient decision-making processes

Go to Resume Section to review and revise your CV skill statements.

Your advanced 21st century skills – teamwork is significant!

‘The new workplace has been described as a high performance workplace where virtually everyone acts as a decision-maker, gathers and sifts information, sets up and troubleshoots systems, organises workflow and team arrangements, manipulates data to solve problems, and on occasion provides direction to colleagues.’(SCANS Report 1992)

This description written 20 years ago accurately describes the current reality and gives a picture of the complexity of skills required for excellent teamwork today.  Use this to consider your skills as a 21st century team member.


Learn more about skills –Use the Job Search Guide to learn more about skills and how to categorise them into Technical, Transferable and Personal Skills.


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