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How do I use the tools?

How do I use the tools?

Use the career tools and resources along with the 4 step career planning process to guide you to your next work or learning decision.

Save any resources or results from tools you use on this site, like your action plan or your resume, to 'My Career ideas'.

Use the tools in each step of the planning process to:

  • Get to know your interests, skills and values.
  • Find out about occupations and jobs that interest you.
  • Make your work and learning decisions based in self and occupational knowledge.
  • Plan the steps to achieving your study, training and work goals.

It is important that you combine the use of these tools with consideration of other factors like your personal situation, your geographic location and current labour market and economic conditions. You will achieve a more realistic and satisfying outcome if you consider all of these factors in your career decision making.

How do I use the results of the tools?

A summary of your skills, interests, values and occupational preferences provides a picture of you and your work and career possibilities. Use the tools to help you build your individual career ideas.

As your work and life roles change so will your skills, interests and values. You can revisit the tools and add to 'My Career ideas' each time you need to make a work or learning decision.

Over time, you will be able to use 'My Career ideas' as a base from which you can make work and learning decisions that are practical and positive.

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