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Career planning

Compare your options

Evaluate your options by comparing them.

Take a look at the example below and then fill in the blank table. Refer back to your skills, your interests and what is important to you. 

The Key considerations contained in the table are there to guide you. Cross these out and make up your own if these don’t fit.

If you are missing any key information use the Tools and resources on the Career Centre web site to explore your interests and research occupations.  Remember to create an account so that you can save your favourites.


Jack is currently working providing design support to Civil Engineers in a large engineering business.  Jack supervises a team of three civil drafters.  Jack has a Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design and enjoys the design and supervisory aspects of his work. He is trying to decide whether to:

  • Study a Diploma in engineering fulltime;
  • Study part time and work part time in his current job; OR
  • Keep working in his current job fulltime and do as much on the job training as possible.

 Compare your options - study example

 Compare your options - template

What do I do once I have completed the table?

Take a look at your grid. What does it tell you about your options?

Clear preference

If your first preference is clear then use the Action plan to clearly outline what you need to do next. You may need to:

  • enrol in a course;
  • talk to a lecturer or career practitioner; 
  • conduct an Information interview with someone working in your preferred occupation; and/or
  • Organise work experience or voluntary work to find out more and to test out your choice.

No clear preference

If there is no clear preference or choice, that is okay. Leave it for a while then go back and do some more research using the Finding out tools or redo the Knowing yourself tools.

You could also use the Action plan in the same way described above to do more in-depth research into your top three occupations.
The most important thing is to keep persevering. This is not easy but the more work you do now the more satisfying your decision will be.

Help with career planning

If you need help making your work and learning decisions contact the Career Centre to speak with a qualified career practitioner.

Find out how we can help. 

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