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Key industry information

Industry information gives you a bigger picture of the possibilities, opportunities and the trends in your occupational areas of interest.

Use industry information to find out about:

  • the range of occupations involved in the industry;
  • skills and training that you need to work in the industry;
  • employment trends and opportunities in the industry; and
  • career pathways that can show you how one occupation leads to another.

How can I find out about industries that interest me?

  1. Use the career planning process to establish your key interests, skill and values.
  2. Research industry profiles and occupations that interest you.
  3. Look out for any common themes that emerge from your investigation. Are you repeatedly drawn to the same or similar industry areas? Do the same or similar jobs and occupations keep coming up? If so, jot them down and explore them further.
  4. Talk to people already working in the industries or occupations you are interested in.
  5. Organise to do some work experience or voluntary work in the occupations that interest you.

Where to research industry information
Always make sure your sources and information are valid, reputable and up to date.

  • Use the industry profiles to find out details of industry and workforce characteristics across a range of industry divisions. This will help you gain an overview of the employment and qualifications profiles of each of the 19 industry divisions.
  • Go to the State Training Board for a direct link to each of the industry training councils providing a range of information about training, skills and occupations. 
  • Go to for information on industry training packages.

Key industry information
For help with industry information contact the Career Centre.

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