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Recognition of prior learning

If you don't have a formal qualification but have gained skills and knowledge through experience, you may be a candidate for recognition of prior learning (RPL).

RPL is a way to use your existing skills and knowledge to gain a formal qualification. It involves getting your current knowledge and experience assessed and takes into account other qualifications you may already have. Depending on your background, you may gain credit for all or part of a formal qualification.

RPL course fee exemptions
Exemptions are available for eligible unemployed people for units of competency.

You will need to provide evidence of your eligibility to the training provider. If you think you may be eligible but do not have any proof of receipt of unemployment benefits or job seeker status, contact your local Centrelink or Job Services Australia.

For more information about RPL read the recognition of prior learning FAQ. For examples of how the process works for experienced people  wishing to gain a qualification but not wanting to start from the beginning, read these case studies.

Even if you don't think you are eligible for RPL or RPL course fee exemptions or concessions, you can still access free advice. Contact your local Career Centre who can help you assess your interests and skills, and make suggestions about the options available to you.


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