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Adults thinking about training

Adults thinking about training

Changes in the economy and the world of work, including rapid technological advances, all contribute to the need for ongoing learning and skill development. As a result, many adults retrain and change careers a number of times over the course of their whole career. Others stop and restart their careers over time due to having a family and various other commitments.

Today there are many different ways to study and train making it easier than ever before for you to fit study into your life.

There are many things to consider when you are thinking about study, training and retraining. Before you begin, check out the study and training options here.

When you have an idea about the options available, you will need to find out what you would like to do and how you can begin.  Find out more from the information below.

Don't know what study or training to do?
Whatever your reasons for wanting to study or retrain, try answering the following questions to get you started:

  • What job, occupation or career goals are you currently working towards?
  • What education and training courses are available to help get you there?
  • What sort of course delivery (part time, online, flexible or class based) would suit you best?
  • Do you learn best by doing, listening, or a combination of both?
  • How will you fit your study around your current commitments?
  • What are the financial considerations? Will you need to change to part time work?

Once you have considered these questions and the options available use the following resources to help you find your next step.

  • Use the career planning process to help guide you to your best choice.
  • Research specific job and occupation requirements in the occupations search tool.
  • Explore job suggestions based on your interests and skills in tools and resources.
  • Find information about training courses and training providers in Western Australia within the our Course search.
  • Explore other education and training courses and providers here.

Have some idea but not made up your mind?
Once you have narrowed down your choices to a couple of options follow these steps to confirm your study and training decision:

  • Clarify the class hours, study hours and duration of the course.
  • Check how the course is delivered. Is it class based, online, external or flexible delivery?
  • Talk to people who have done the course and find out what they liked, disliked and how they were able to use the qualification.
  • Speak with the trainer, lecturer or teacher about the course content and outcomes.
  • Speak to employers and find out their preferences.
  • Visit the training organisation if possible.

Have work experience, but not the qualifications?
If you don’t have a formal qualification but have gained skills and knowledge through experience, you may be able to gain credit for your skills through recognition of prior learning (RPL).  RPL is a way to use your existing skills and knowledge to gain all or part of a formal qualification.

Check out the RPL section for more information.

Financial implications
The cost of study or training may be a barrier or prove difficult for some people. However, assistance and scholarships are available and may be applicable.

Find out specific details here.

Help with study and training options
If you require more information or need help with making your learning decision contact the Career Centre to speak with a qualified career practitioner.

Find out how we can help.

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