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​​Choices - are there too many for you?
Try this short simple program that will help you find out and rank your preferences in areas of work.

Using Choices
Narrow down your options by checking out which industries and skills are of greatest interest to you, and connecting these to career possibilities.

The Choices program will help you to make connections between the skills you like using or want to learn and the areas of work that interest you. This program will take 15-20 minutes to complete, and you receive a report that ranks your preferred areas, as you have chosen them.

Look at the area of work on each screen

Ask yourself, how interesting would I find a job in that industry?

Click on the buttons at the bottom to rate your interest, and if it is an industry area that you are quite, or very interested in, click on the skills that attract you, or any jobs of interest. Then move on to the next area.
Save your results to My career ideas and return to the site to continue working on your career planning.

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