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​​Identifying Your Work Interests

The work that satisfies you will be the work where you are interested, motivated, and achieve your best results. One way to identify this is to look at your interests and how they fit various types of work. 

Jobs can be a combination of interests, for example a job such as sports coach or outdoor recreation instructor combines two types of work - helping and advising and nature and recreation.

How do I use the tool?

Think about each of the items listed and use the slider tool to measure how interested you are in each task and how much you would enjoy it.

Your results will be presented to you in the form of a graph displaying your areas of interest in order of preference. Save your results along with your results from other tools on this site to My career ideas.

How do I use the results?

Read the work types carefully starting with your highest preference. If that is a good match for you, check out the examples of jobs listed at the end of each Work Type and explore these occupational profiles.

To find out about more occupations that fit into these categories as well as the skill levels required to work in these occupations go to the Jobs Chart in the 2011 Job Guide. The Job chart lists occupations by category.

Use your action plan to list the steps to enable you to explore and research your preferred occupations at a more in-depth level.

Saved interests results

Saved interests list

Rate how much each of these interests appeal to you by moving the slider next to each one

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