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My work-life snapshot

​​Friends and family, health and wellbeing, money, culture and location are all factors that influence your work and learning choices.

Use "My work-life snapshot" to take a picture of your current priorities by rating each of the 8 key issues listed below.

Think about each of the questions provided, then use the slider firstly to measure the level of importance of the issue to you now, and then to measure your current levels of satisfaction with each issue.

Your results will be presented to you in the form of a graph. Save your results to My career ideas. Use this information along with your results from other tools on this site to guide you towards your next positive work or learning decision.

If you want to make changes to your levels of satisfaction in these areas, it may help to discuss them with a career practitioner and use them to provide a frame for your career action plan.

As your personal circumstance may change over time, revisit "My work–life snapshot" from time to time to keep your priorities current.

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